Travel Insurance

Overseas Travel Insurance :
The Overseas Travel Insurance covers unexpected medical and non-medical expenses when you are travelling abroad. Get covered for hospitalization# in case of Swine Flu / H1N1 influenza.
# If it’s not a pre-existing illness

Coverage Details

Coverage Details Coverage Amount Platinum Plan
Age 1 to 70 years
Gold Plan
Age 1 to 70 years
1) Medical Cover* US$ 50,000 to 100,000
2) Cashless hospitalisation worldwide
3) Daily allowance for hospitalisation$ US$ 25 (for 5 days)
4) Dental Treatment* US$ 250
5) Passport Loss** US$ 200
6) Checked Baggage Loss US$ 500
7) Checked Baggage Delay+ US$ 100
8 ) Personal Accident US$ 15,000
9) Personal Liability US$ 100,000
10) Financial Emergency Assistance US$ 300
11) Hijack Distress Allowance*** (7 days max) US$ 125 per day
12) Trip Cancellation & Interruption US$ 500
13) Missed Connectionˆ US$ 500
14) Trip Delay++ US$ 500
15) Home Insurance#
- Building Rs. 2,000,000
- Content Rs. 500,000
16) Repatriation of Remains US$ 7,000
17) 180 days Policy extendable upto 360 days

* Deductible of US$ 100. This deductible is applicable on per illness (complete treatment) basis and not on per visit to the doctor / hospital.
** Deductible of US$ 50. *** 12 hours
# On value – Building insured on reconstruction value, Contents insured on their present market value
$ 2 days deductible – If hospitalisation is for more than 2 consecutive days, this benefit can be cleared only once during the policy period
ˆ delay of more than 3 hours
+ 12 hours delay – Applicable if baggage is delayed for more than 12 hours from actual arrival time of common carrier
++ up to US$ 100/- per day, if trip is delayed for more than 6 hours

Overseas Travel Insurance and You

Secure Your Travel: Get Insured against Terrorism
If you are planning to travel abroad, you also have to bear in mind possibilities such as terror attacks that are happening all over the world. The issue has gained importance as the world experienced terror attacks in the recent times and travel security has become a matter of concern since then. Terror attacks in Mumbai is the freshest example that is still haunting minds of the local people. We have still not recovered from the impact of the recent terror attacks that shook up Mumbai. Such terror attacks were unprecedented in India. Plenty of globe trotters visit India when they think about foreign travel. They don’t travel abroad to other exotic country but visit India because of its lovely tourism as well as excellent hospitality industry. However, who could have ever thought that travel hazards could appear in the form of terror attacks here? Thus, when you are planning foreign travel to any country in the world, you should not forget about something which is imperative, and that is travel insurance. To know more please Contact.


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