Unit Linked Insurance


1. Kotak Smart Advantage

The best investment plan for long term savings
How you shape your tomorrow depends greatly on how you build on your today. Kotak Smart Advantage is a smart investment plan that addresses your current financial needs while building long term savings for your future. It is an ideal investment plan providing an optimal mix of insurance and investments, thus protecting your family against any odds and building a corpus for your future.
Why Kotak Smart Advantage Plan is an ideal Investment Plan.
Kotak Smart Advantage is an intelligent unit-linked investment plan that is based upon the idea of regular long term savings and systematic accumulation of wealth. It offers guaranteed returns along with the benefit of flexible life cover and up to 100% allocation of your money, making it ideal for your long term financial needs.
Here are the advantages of investing in, Kotak Smart Advantage: the smart long term savings investment plan.

  • Guaranteed returns of up to 275% of the first year’s premium at maturity.
  • Loyalty bonus at regular intervals to boost the fund value.
  • Up to 100% allocation of premiums.
  • Flexibility to choose Life Cover.
  • Unique funds offering you maximum opportunity for growth.
  • Eligibility

    Entry Age for life to be insured Min – 0 years, Max – 65 years
    Regular term of the policy Regular – 10 / 15 /20 / 25 / 30 years. For Minors – Min – Higher of 10 years or 18 minus age at entry, Max – 30 years
    Maturity Age Min – 18 years, Max – 75 years
    Limited Premium Payment Term (LPP) 3 or 5 years applicable only for 10 / 15 / 20 year policy terms
    Min Premium “Regular-Rs.15,000 annually,
    LPP-Rs.36,000 annually.”
    Top-Up Premiums/Partial Withdrawals Min Rs.10,000

    2. ICICI Pru Pinnacle

    Premium Payment Term 3 years
    Minimum Premium Rs.50,000 per annum
    Modes of Premium Payment Half yearly/Yearly
    Minimum/Maximum Entry Age 8/ 65 years
    Policy Term 10 years
    Maximum Maturity Age 75 years
    Minimum Sum Assured 5 x Annual Premium
    Tax Benefit Premium and any benefit amount received under this policy will be eligible for the tax benefit as per the prevailing Income Tax laws.

    Features and benefits of ICICI Pru Pinnacle

    1. Guaranteed NAV: get the benefit of the highest NAV recorded on a daily basis, in the first 7 years of the fund, at maturity.
    2. Limited premium payment term: pay premiums for only 3 policy years.
    3. Additional allocation: added to your fund at maturity.
    4. Death benefit: in the unfortunate event of death, the nominee receives higher of Sum Assured (reduced by partial withdrawals) and Fund Value.
    5. Partial withdrawals: ensures liquidity from the 6th policy year onwards.
    6. Tax benefits: avail tax benefits on the premiums paid and benefits received under the policy, as per the prevailing Income Tax laws.

    3. LifeStage Assure

    Minimum Premium Rs 12,000 P.a. for monthly mode. Rs. 10,000 p.a. for all other modes.
    Minimum Entry Age 0 years
    Maximum Entry Age 65 years
    Minimum Age at Maturity 18 years
    Maximum Age at maturity 75 years
    Term 10/ 15/ 20/ 25/ 30 years
    Minimum Sum Assured 5 * Annual Premium
    Tax Benefit Premium paid for the policy and critical illness benefit rider will be eligible for tax benefit under section 80C & 80D respectively, any benefit amount received under this policy will be eligible for the tax benefit under section 10 (10D), as per prevailing Income Tax laws.

    Features and Benefits of LifeStage Assure
    LifeStage Assure cushions your first investment from market uncertainties by providing a guarantee while allowing your future year premiums to benefits from the equity markets; in the long term.
    LifeStage Assure also offers you two unique portfolio strategies:

    1. Life Cycle Based portfolio strategy.
      • Age based Asset Allocation (Equity Debt mix)
      • Quarterly Rebalancing of Asset Allocation.
      • Capital Preservation at maturity.
    2. Fixed portfolio strategy
      • Allocate your investments into different asset classes using your personal judgment.
    • 1st year premium used to provide a GUARANTEED MATURITY ADDITION between 100% and 450%; so that you can invest today without worrying about the market behavior in the short term.
    • Low premium allocation charges from the 2nd year onwards.
    • Life cycle based portfolio strategy to invest in right asset allocation to create ideal balance between Equity and Debt. Life cycle based portfolio strategy also ensures capital preservation at the time of policy maturity by systematic transfer to debt fund in the last 10 policy quarters
    • Cover continuance option is available which ensures continuance of life insurance cover, even if you wish to take a break in premium payment.
    • Option to change in chosen portfolio strategy 4 times in a policy term (CIPS – Change in Portfolio Strategy)
    • Option to withdraw your money systematically over a period of 5 years on the maturity of the policy
    • In the unfortunate event of death, your nominee will receive Sum Assured plus Fund Value


    You’ve lived life on your own terms; always done what you’ve believed in. You are used to having the luxury of choice and the power to control. And you’re constantly seeking new avenues of investment that match your approach to life.
    Why an ideal plan
    Kotak Platinum Advantage Plus is a power-packed plan that empowers you to customize your plan as per your investment goals. It is a powerful combination of features bringing benefits of high returns and protection in one single plan with utmost flexibility thus giving you complete control over your investments.

    • Flexibility to choose between safety and returns,
    • High allocation of premiums to maximize your wealth
    • Unparalleled flexibility in premium payments
    • Wide range of funds to match your investment objective
    • Choice of Life cover as per your needs


    Entry Age (in years) Minimum age – 0 years; Maximum age – 65 years
    Premium Payment Term of Plan (in years) Regular Payment Option “Minimum 10 yrs.
    Maximum 30 yrs”
    Limited Payment Option 3 or 5 (available only with policy terms of 10/ 15/ 20 years)
    Age at Maturity (in years) Minimum age – 18 years; Maximum age – 75 years
    Minimum Premium 100000 Rupees/Year

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